Live streaming of the Olympics.


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If you want to see the live coverage of the ceremony of the Olympics in Belgium you'll have to search hard course for many countries their local sports channel does a streaming but only for the inhabitants for the country. In Belgium the zattoobest way to watch this live streaming is without any doubt Zattoo. Zattoo is and I quote from their site "Zattoo is real TV on your PC– and it’s absolutely free. It's the football game as you chat, the news as you email, and your favorite soap as you pay your bills. Zattoo is also TV when you don't have a TV - it's the channels you want, when you want, where you want.".


If it's not to late when you read this enjoy if not it's anyway a nice tool to watch TV on your computer, you got the Dutch channel VT4 but the one you need for the Olympics is La Une.

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