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It's really all around today you see it in the newspapers, on blogs, over 215 million search results in Google, you find movies on YouTube, there is a wiki about it, .... Yes it's the launch of Windows Vista and it will be noticed. In Belgium they are launching it in the Atomium (a popular place they launched the new Gilette fusion only a few days ago at the same place). With a lot of billboards, a private island and a streaming concert of Pragha Khan it will also be noticed in (slurl) Second Life. Tonight at 23h00 you will be able to follow the concert on (I guess one of the largest live streams in Belgium). Let's hope it's all worth the fuzz.

All the second Life efforts from the Belgian team:
Some Marketing facts:
Virtual concert on Second Life
A story of the launch in:
The story of the launch in the States:

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