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I just enjoyed a session about corporate blogging at the IAB europe congress. The most interesting speakers where Kris Hoet (Marketing manager at Microsoft, Blogger “Cross The Breeze”) and Mauro Lupi (CEO of Ad Maiora). There was a nice interaction between the audience and the panel and some interesting points like advertising on blogs where covered. Not that there are clear answers but anyway we got some guidelines to go with. One of the most interesting new links for me was the WOMMA (word of mouth marketing association) where you can find interesting articles like the ethical blogger contact guidelines. Another thing which was nice to hear is that other people read my blog (actually I knew that already but it’s a figure of speech). Kris Hoet told a story about a guy that found Google maps in a Microsoft campaign, everybody that follows what I write knows that it was one of my posts some time ago. Nice to hear that what I post it can become a case!!
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Hey Kris - thanks for the feedback and nice to meet you today although it wasn't that long. Hopefully talk again soon.

- Kris