The .net Awards.


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net The winners for the .net awards are known, no not the programming language but the magazine from the UK. In the list I found some interesting stuff. First thing that amazed me was the Viral campaign of the Year; Will it blend. Everybody knows these virals what I didn't know is that with these campaigns there sales got up with 500%, wow what a success story. I'll just add the last one with the Iphone so that everybody knows what we are talking about.


Infamy of the year (yes those awards are not all positive) became MySpace from my side they definitely made a good choice.

Less of a surprise is the best use of Flash it became the site Get The Glass which is as we all know really more than great, it's a real pearl on the Internet.

I'm not going to talk about all of the categories but every one of awards are really well deserved and it's interesting to have an overview over the best that has been produced on the net, last year, worldwide.

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