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A month without any (virtual) presence seemed unnatural but still the lack of time forced me into it. Yes the past months I noticed that a day has only 24 hours and when you take the biggest part away to work a little family time and a little sleeping time you notice quite quickly that a day has is extreme limitations. Anyway enough of this sorry for no posts stuff the flood of good news concerning my blog and the questions of the readers to resume forced me into the posting mood again.

First news is that my colleague Michael Lecuy has agreed to contribute which will help to give more qualitative content, as he's a great graphical mind he will be able to post from a whole different point of view. So welcome to the blogging world Michael and I hope you'll add more content to the blog than you predecessors have done before you (Or maybe they'll see this as a sign and post again) ;-)

Second great news is that the Be.Interactive has been added to the Junta24 top marketing blogs on position 27 which makes me really proud so thanks Joe for adding me to the list and I'll make sure that I'll bring more of this qualitative content.

Anyway from today on I'll feed you here again with the latest virtual news and actions.

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Congratulations and thanks for the mention. - Joe