Headhunting a difficult job??


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Headhunting, recruiting became a quite difficult job in the e-business, you have to be quite innovative to attract and retain the attention of the candidates and this doesn't seem to be very easy. An overview of the campaigns that caught my attention.

In the following campaigns you'll see that some try it with hard cash or nice presents others use nice campaigns to accomplish the same thing.

The most impressive/original campaign is the one from senses a new headhunting-bureau, they started with a viral movie:

Source: http://blog.coolz0r.com/2007/03/07/senses/

And then launched a site. The whole concept is that your boss can't see that you are looking for a new job. http://www.senses.be

Xpertize is online headhunting if you give the lead to a person and this
person gets hired you get cash or gifts. http://www.xpertize.be

I-merge tries it with a trip to Cannes and a nice site. http://www.canneshunting.be

Agency.com tries to get your attention trough the virtual world "Second Life". http://www.agency.be/job

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And the other way around: http://www.tijsvrolix.be