Joost is really and I mean reaaaally great.


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This morning I just got my test account from the guy's of Joost, as I was really waiting a long time for this test account I immediately wanted to see what it exactly was this P2P television. I went to the site, downloaded the little soft and BANG a new world opened on my laptop.
Joost is really great the application is very fluent, nice to use but that's not really the main part. I mean the quality is veeery good you really have a great choice of channels, ... I can only talk in superlatives about it.
Also all the widgets are really nice to use, my preferred is the chat, while you are watching the show you can actually chat with the other people watching the show and talk about it.

Just to end my article, you really need to see it to believe it. I’ll keep you posted here about the evolutions of Joost.

PS.I found my favorite channel GONG, a Japanese anime network.

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Can you supply me a reference to enter the beta version of Joost directly?



Sorry at the moment you need to be invited to enter the beta version. I posted my request about 3 months ago but maybe it's quicker now???