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Finally after their pixel action on the old logo (I'm the proud owner of one of the pixels) we finally know what's going on at I-merge they became Boondoggle. Of course the first thing I wanted to know is what is boondoggle ment and the first thing I came across on Wikipedia was that boondoggle was a North American craft which was really strange to me! Later on I found on Digimedia the True explanation of Boondoggle, a boondoggle project is a project that's a waste of time and money. Strange name isn't is but really bold to chose such a name. If somebody could explain the real reason why they chose this name that would be great. I find the way to announce their new name also nice, I did the test and had only 57% so my pronunciation can’t be that good.
PS. Have a look at and don't forget to select the page, this must really be a strange guy.
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