Belgian fuzz about a YouTube movie.



In Belgium a little YouTube movie made a whole lot of fuzz, it made the national news, it got in the newspapers, ... Actually it was a movie about Jean Bultot a guy that is/was under suspicion of having bands with the "Bende van Nijvel". On the old sex movie you see this person in a bath full of jelly in a nightclub. "The Brabant Killers" in English was a group of criminals thought to be responsible for the massacre of Brabant, a series of violent attacks that occurred during the 80's in Belgium. Actually the whole fuzz was about nothing cause apparently the movie had been shown on the french national television and a guy just decided to post it on YouTube without any bad intentions. In the meanwhile the account of the person that uploaded the movie has been erased and the movie itself also but when you talk about Internet the spread those things can't be stopped so here is the Movie uploaded by another person.

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