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Yesterday evening I had a conversation with Ana Yoeng the lady that gave me the hat tip for the Jawbone virals about how well we (Belgian people) can captivate and see the message behind those virals and campaigns and not judge everything immediately. A few hours later I stumbled upon this viral/commercial.

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It's one for more human home-care from the Dutch (nl) Socialist Party. For me this viral goes really well over the top, I think it's untasteful and not really for publication. But than again I guess that the Belgian audience is still more conservative than the audience from the Netherlands.

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I don't think it's over the top. It's confronting, yes, but it does exactly what it's supposed to do: give you a feeling of awkwardness and shame, just as the elderly people who have to undress in front of strangers have to feel everyday.

Well that's for sure but there are definitely other ways to bring your message and I really don't know if this is the good one. Anyway there will always be pro's and con's for the way they brought this but I think this is exactly what the campaign is all about.