I survived a P1!!



It has been a long time since my last post but I'm happy to say that last week I survived a P1. Now what's a P1, it's not a thunder storm nor an earthquake or a Hurricane; a P1 one is a Priority one issue. The fact is that last week we had a problem with the release of an application for one of my favorite clients and this problem quickly became a priority one issue this meant total and I really mean total availability in time and means. For me physically it meant working till 2o clock and getting up around 6 and that with a minimal of time spend on food or any other leisure that pops up in your mind (sleep included). But I'm happy to say that both the project and me survived an are now in a pretty good shape. It surely was an adventure but one I hope won't occur very often as I am sure in stress and work load this was one of the hardest weeks in my whole "career" and I needed a few days to recover from it.

Anyway I'll start again full throttle with so many thing that I've missed over the past week and that I'm longing to share with my readers.

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