The iPhone in Belgium? Where, When, How????


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What's all that about ... ok although I'm not really an apple fan I'm the first person to admit that the iPhone is really somehow a functional marvel with some advantages over most of his competitors and with the new iPhone some of his problems are resolved and of course with a prize drop of 200$ it all becomes a really interesting alternative for my blackberry. So first thing I did after the announcement of Steve Jobs is have a look on the apple site when this would all be "legally" available in Belgium. Yeah, happy happy joy joy, the 11th of July the iPhone becomes available ...


NOOOOT,  A few hours later is was all gone no more Belgium in the list (on the .com site you can still have a look that Belgium was in the list). iPone-Belgium

To whom do we own this great intervention? well I guess as Mobistar(Orange) would be the provider launching the iPhone in Belgium we have to own this to him. I mean why is it again the Belgian Market that has to cope with the delay, if it's possible on any other Market in Europe why not in Belgium???? Anyway at this moment in Belgium we don't know when we can get one and at which price ....

The only thing that rests us here is just enjoy the new commercial :-(

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