The new Hyundai campaign, A bad start?


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I've read today in the Times that Hyundai launches a new campaign called 'Think About It' to improve the image of the brand. It's a $150 million campaign so I guess it all must look really nice and at least the spots do ( and the visuals also look really nice but there is one thing that really stands out when you go to the site (This URL is included in every possible form of communication) it just gives a big


For such a campaign it's really sad not to be ready when all the coverage starts and it does not really improve the Image (which is the purpose of the whole campaign). But anyway I'll surly have a look at the site when it is online.

UPDATE (16/09/2007)

Now that it's online I had a look and I don't find it all that impressive, It's nice but it would not have caught my attention!

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Looks like it's just a splash page.

At least they have put a splash page now, which was not in place when the article in the times was written.

Live now!

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Hyundais done so many different commercials this year, it is hard to feel they are establishing any cohesive message. The smart commercial with Kelsey Grammer was cute and strong, but a little too long for people to sit through. The Azera commercials are cute and brazen, and must anger Lexus and BMW enthusiasts.

They could've done something similar with the Elantra, but that ad was so light-sell that most people remember the 'circus' music not the car featured.

The imagery for the web ads is maybe a little boring, but the copy does invite thinking. Though car enthusiasts might get bored with no revving engines or shiny chrome.

What do you think of the new Jeff Bridges voice over spots?