A wake up call that I did not really appreciate!



site This morning around 5.00 AM I got a phone call where a voice said "Hey it's already late you should really get out of bed ... bla bla" I really did not appreciate getting a wake up call at 5 AM saying the I'm running late as 5 AM is normally an hour that every working guy should still be in bed and SLEEEPING.

Anyway it seems that it's a campaign from "le coq sportif" a sporting goods brand that is called Wake Life where you can ask to call a person (friend) at any decent or indecent hour of the night. Before launching such a campaign they should really think about the effect it has! Normally you can read who send you this prank but of course my mail only said "friend" so I still don't know who woke me up. You can also amuse  yourselves with waking up people you don't know.

mail Anyway (Maybe it's because I'm in a really bad mood) I find this campaign really bad, before launching such a thing you should think about what people will do with your action cause not all good people have good intentions ...

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