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Sensoa (the Flemish expert organization on sexual health and HIV) launched a new site called http://www.allesoverseks.be/ to respond to any question a AllesOverSex2young adult could have about sex or relations. I really like the design and functionality all though they should be more careful with the development cause there are some errors and dead links in there. There was one thing really messing up the site and the whole idea behind it “Bannering”. It’s really something you don’t expect on such a site, it should AllesOverSex1 be really all about information and not selling of visa cards or bank accounts. From my opinion it’s really tricking those young adults, I could expect such a bannering campaigns on portals, social sites, game sites or anything else but not on a site that gives answers on sexuality and tries to warn them about the dangers of it. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned but there are boundaries you should not cross.

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