Google Chrome.


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After I guess what was "a well deserved" holiday, back to business and what a start Google launched a browser, Google Chrome and of course I had to install this immediately to see that I liked what I saw.


The install on my Vista system had a little glitch, when I tried to click on "Accept and Install" button in my IE 7 I had ... nothing except an error, anyway I started everything over on my Mozilla Firefox browser it went all really fluently and all my settings where immediately imported from IE.

After the install, the usability here again I like what I got there, the navigation, the buttons, the few menu items, everything is really clean and smooth, I also like the fact that you got an immediate preview of the last sites you visited. I'll be most definitely be using it the next few days and I'll give you my thoughts about it as now I didn't experience it completely I just ran a little test that was quite satisfactory but ... let's see. The big question is will I put Google Chrome as my default browser?

If you want to know more about the birth, philosophy and technology of Google Chrome you can have a look at their comic book.


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