Quite busy at Google labs.


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After the whole Chrome launch from Google there was around the same period another launch which I was expecting for quite some time, namely the launch of Picasa 3 and the new Picasa Web Album.

First I installed the Picasa Web Album which had many new features but one seems special at first sight, the picture preview which runs smooth as hell and looks good.

Fullscreen capture 952008 120945 AM

Other features like the print screen, the movies and other stuff are more updates but still usefully.

Much more impressive are the name tags, on your web album you can easily tag all the persons that are on your pictures. You just activate the feature, it scans trough all your pictures and everybody is almost immediately recognized, one last check and tagging and it’s done. You can now browse trough your pictures with just a name and when you hover over a picture you can see the nick names on the picture. Again really impressive work from Google Labs, they keep on surprising me …

Fullscreen capture 952008 121719 AM

One thing I can say, if you got lots of pictures and you want an easy way of looking at them, categorizing them and even create a web album, I can only say one thing. Just install it and you’ll see you won’t be able to work without it anymore.

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