Getty Center commercial & YouTube movie stops playing after 2 seconds …


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On the fwa theatre I found this great commercial for Getty Center labeled “Heads”.

Strangely enough this is just half the blog post cause on my newly installed Chrome browser it just didn’t want to play, after 2 seconds it just stopped running while it worked perfectly in IE. It seemed as if I found my first real Chrome bug until I began to search for a solution. It actually appeared to be a problem with the flash player and not the browser itself. The solution that I found was to install Flash Player 10 release candidate and uninstall the current version 9. Below you’ll find the steps that I needed to do to complete the job.

1. Uninstall version 9, you’ll find the uninstaller on this page you have to select the “Windows—Plugin-based browsers

2. Close and restart your browser.

3. Install the flash player 10 from this page, you’ll have to install the “Plugin for Windows

4. Go to the following page and it should say “You have version 10,0,12,10 installed”

If you’ve followed the 4 previous steps you should be able to enjoy all your favorite YouTube/Dailymotion/… movies again

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