Make me sweat!


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Nowadays in Belgium you can’t possibly look next to the campaign from Ford for their fiesta it’s all around, the advergame is called "Make me sweat" in Dutch “doe me zweten”. The idea is well found you got a guy in a Sauna and you have to make him sweat by giving him lots of commands. The problem from my part is that I quickly got bored so it’s really a nice game but when you ask something it takes far too much time and most of the actions he does are not really that funny that you stick to it. Anyway I never got to the 300 but when you look at the high scores some other surfers did but I wonder if they where actual scores and not hackers cause getting over 300 in 21 seconds seems in this game absolutely impossible. This flaw emphases the need that when you create a game the security is really important! Actually that will be a real challenge for us when we create our next advergame.
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