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Today is blogday so I have to come up with 5 blogs that have nothing to do with the e-marketing subject I'm used to talk about so I guess I’ll create a post about the other passions in my life.

The first passion is defenetly my kids which I adore so I had a look and tried to find some Belgian blogs that talk about baby’s or kids younger than 3 years. At first I was disappointed cause I did not find any Belgian blog talking about this topic, naturally a Dutch blog that was a whole other story. So here is my favorite one:

Another passion of mine is photography, although I don’t have enough time to practice it as I would like to be able to. Here are some blogs I like to follow from time to time:, The Blog from the best Dutch photography magazine.,It does not really look like a blog but is one and with some great pictures., As I’m a starter this is really a valuable blog for me.

The last passion of mine is cooking and here is the blog I like to visit when I’ve no idea what to cook:

These are my 5 blogs that are really worthwhile and have really nothing to do with e-marketing, have fun visiting them.

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