What a trip!



Tuesday I had to go to a new client of mine namely Cisco UK at starts everything went well, my company booked a seat on a British Airways, I got up rather early (5.30) to get my plane at 7.25. So to go to Cisco no problem at all, I had a great meeting there with some really nice people and at 16.00 hours I got into the Cab to go to Heathrow again. Nothing wrong up till now, The first plane that I had to catch to be home around 20.00 hours had technical problems so we got a voucher of 5 pounds to eat a sandwich (I can tell you that airport sandwiches are NOT good) and a ticket for the next plane at 20.15 (time I normally should have been home). I waited till 20.15 but there again they told us that there was a delay due to shortage in the cabin crew. Again a delay of about an hour!! Finally when we got on the plane and we were ready to go another delay of an hour due to thunder storms over the sea. The point of this story is that I will never take a plane anymore to go to the UK, I’ll rather take the Eurostar cause being away for about 20 hours to do a meeting of 5 hours is not really efficient.

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