Is Metatale alive or just a living dead?


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Metatale should list the most influential Belgian blogs but does it really? If we look at their top 100 there are blogs that don't exist anymore or that don't have had a post since a long time. (does not exist anymore) (Asks for a password) (last post 11/06/2007) (last post 14/06/2007) (last post 23/07/2007) (last post 14/06/2007) (last post 31/08/2007) (got a 404)

It all started really well but somewhere along the road it just stopped!!! They promised an update every week but I guess this didn't go trough neither. Does somebody know if they still want to make this thing work or did they simply give up?

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Alive and kicking, really. We'll be updating soon, but we had some unexpected problems to deal with first

Thanks Tijs for your comment and I'll be looking forward to see the updates in your list.