Trash sells!!!!



Last week I talked about the "Miss Belgium" issue, the results of the words pageant, miss and Belgium in the title of my blog-post where really incredible, the readers of my blog trash where 10 times higher than on a normal day. So this proves the fact that trash really sells. We see a lot of examples on the Internet in Belgium of that concept, look at  Zattevrienden, the only thing on their is trash en still we know they have an incredible amount of visitors. Another perfect example of this is "Het Nieuwsblad", when you have a look at their mailings there are more games, contests, movies than actual news and when we look at the CIM numbers we see that the site of "Het Nieuwsblad" is much bigger than any other newspaper site although on the other sites the content is much more qualitative.

This all clearly proves that if you want to attract lots of readers it's always easier to put non relevant trash on your site than really relevant content.

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