Pageant Winner Is Booed Off Stage



I couldn't believe my eyes when a colleague of mine pointed me out to the site today.


Again Belgium looks silly in the eyes of the international press. As if We don't have enough political problems. When is this stupid community thing going to stop cause it ridicules us in front of the international community, Belgium is such a small country why can't we all get along ... it seems so simple but apparently it isn't.

You can read the full story on the Yahoo News site there is even a video coverage from ABC.

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The problem is that for some reason, the political systems in France and Belgium are allowing the language gap. And Belgium is way too small to survive as a separate country for more than 1000 years from now. It will almost definately eventually become part of France.

Well I won't go that far I'm proud to be a Belgian Guy and I like my Belgian Identity.

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