Carlsberg launches their new bottle.


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Monday Carlsberg launched their new bottle with a big campaign, first step of the campaign where the billboards. Duval Guillaume Antwerp had the idea to stick a numerous amount of those new bottles on a billboard which really should attract the attention.


Based on the billboards concept, we (Tagora) had to create a game to launch the bottle online. First phase of the game will be recruitment campaign where the players have to insert the exact number of bottles that stick on the billboard, they can count online but the purpose is to go and count them on the actual billboard.


After the first phase the 500 first players will have the possibility during a live streaming DJ Set of Dave Lambert to win the big prize meaning a private DJ set and party for 100 of his friends.

Later on I'll give an update on the second phase namely the streaming of the DJ Set where everybody is invited to enjoy the stream but only the 500 winners of the first game will have the chance to win the big prize.

Anyway for us a great start of a new campaign and lots of new stuff that will follow.

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