FACE ON?????


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Yesterday I stumbled upon a great initiative from Antwerp FotoMuseum and Getty Images called FACE ON. I immediately liked the site and the idea to allow people to post images on those walls and to see them (maybe) printed in an exhibition. The quote in the "About Face On" said "Everybody is invited to place their work in the exhibition, which is a first for a public photography museum exhibition". So I immediately uploaded a picture in the family section of my kids, it appeared on the wall so till there I was really enthusiastic about it, I event invited some people to come and see the picture. A few hours after I've uploaded and communicated my picture I received a mail with no title and with the message;

Sorry, your picture does not meet the requirements for this exhibition. We have removed the picture from the online exhibition.


I was really bedazzled and of course I asked why my picture had been refused .... but no answer!!!

It's not that I estimate myself to be an absolute top photographer but if you want to make a public exhibit you have to allow people to contribute. What's the use of User Generated content if you ban what they are uploading???

It's really too bad that such a great initiative gets screwed up by the way it works.

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