Schweppes Burst!


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I just saw the new commercial from Schweppes and well it made me "slightly" think about a commercial that I already saw in Belgium, namely the one for Telenet a Belgian Internet provider. Their spot is called a Wet fly and you see the burst of a balloon to explain the details of digital TV. The new spot for Schweppes called Burst is exactly the same concept. Judge for yourselves  on the images below you couldn't tell one from the other.



Below you'll find the new spot for Schweppes.

Here you can watch the Telenet spot.

I don't know if the creative guys behind the Schweppes spot saw the Telenet commercial but ...

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It's a nice advert, but it's a bit too abstract. I mean until the end, you don't know what it is about. So you might watch it the first time just to see, but after that I'd just change the channel.

And yes it is extremely similar.

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