Axe Skin on Skin.


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I stumbled upon a new site for Axe shower gel called Axe Skin on Skin action, the site looks nice, there are some funny movies (the music is really disturbing).


But the main attraction is the pillow fight, where you can create your avatar and challenge other visitors that come to the site. Everything looked really good till that moment, the problem was I stayed on the site for more than an hour (cause the pillow widget doesn't seem to work) but had no visitor at all or if I had one and challenged him there was no response so I didn't have one fight which was kind of a bummer...


I also had to do more than one trial to subscribe as the system wasn't really stable and even after I subscribed most of the features and possibilities where not even available.

Bottom line for me it was not really a satisfying web experience, I don't know if the site is still in Beta but this definitely doesn't meet Axe campaign standards.

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I had the same experience. Uncomprehensible navigation, bad gameplay... Do you know which agency made it?

Not really I just clicked on a banner in Messenger to see this game.