The Muppets go Viral.


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You saw the post some weeks ago about the Sam The Eagle, I thought it was a campaign for the 4th of July, well not really it's actually a viral campaign to launch their new show called Studio DC on Disney Channel. At the moment the Muppets are launching their viral assault cause at the moment a numerous amount of Muppet characters have their YouTube channel Beaker, The Great Gonzo, Statler & Waldorf, The Swedish Chef and the start Sam The Eagle. It's a nice way to promote such a show, some viral's that  hover around on the net seem to really do the trick as I've seen Sam the Eagle shown up in the Viral Video Chart but also Ode To Joy from Beaker and 1.5 million views in 2 weeks is far from bad.

Some examples of my favorite chars Statler & Waldorf.

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