The viral power of the Internet.


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What’s the viral power of the Internet? Well you start with something and all of the sudden hundreds of people are doing the same thing and sometimes it’s what you intended them to do but sometimes it just pops out of nowhere and creates the perfect marketing campaign.

The perfect example viral behavior is the latest commercial from Discovery channel called “I love the whole world”.

I guess when they launched their new commercial nobody would have expected to unleash such a mania on the Internet. Still if you have a look at YouTube you’ll notice that the whole gamers community copied the concept and made it their own going from Halo 3 to the Simpsons to final fantasy and even a gamers compilation (one well worth to have a look at ).

Sometimes is the viral seeding really intended; I guess everybody knows by now the guy that backflips into his jeans, nobody did put a brand on this viral video but it was totally intended as a viral campaign from Levis. Still a good one but it wasn’t just a bunch of guys enjoying themselves it was a well thought marketing concept.

The best way to check viral video campaigns is the, be sure that if your campaign pops up in here you got a successful campaign.

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