Diesel online "store".


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This is definitely the most beautifully online store I have ever seen and the concept is really so great that it would be a diesel1 pity to just call it a store. The agency's that created the site are Dvein from Spain, Neue Digitale from Germany and Wysiwyg from Spain again (the last one has also a site which you should check out). The whole concept for the Diesel store is that you can see all the models in the dept's of the ocean which gives some great effects, also the way the mouse-pointer interacts is nicely found. The full screen flash is really impressive.

 diesel2 Nevertheless not everything is great for a store it's all too slow. If you want to see 1 product you have to wait 30 seconds and actually I had to try a couple of times to get into the site cause it's all so big and slow.

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