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I found this ad on a site called Firebrand (it's still in Beta), a site where you can find all kinds of great commercials, the idea is really refreshing and everything is brought really well, they definitely hooked me up. Another thing about firebrand is that it's totally multi device you can have a look on your mobile phone and the show even appears on TV (sorry not in Europe).


On Firebrand I found this commercial, it's for something called the Roy Awards apparently an award for Art directors. (maybe it's an old one but it's really funny.)
At the moment I can't make their include to see the spot work on my blog so you'll have to click on the link (It's still in beta remember).

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Hey Hris - Thanks for the post and for realizing that beta means beta :-)

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up that the embed functionality is now working properly, so if you'd like to serve up that commercial (or any other) right here on your blog, you can now make it happen.


Oof - just noticed my typo KRIS. Sorry about that.

No probs, thanks for letting me know it's solved.