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This morning I heard on the radio a spot from Telenet where they compared the digital TV from Belgacom to the one from Telenet (of course). The spot suggested that it was due to telenetvsbelgacoma comparative spot from Belgacom??? Although I never heard or saw the spot from Belgacom this shocked me a little. In Belgium we are not used to such a hard comparative advertising. Anyway they also created a site to clearly state the difference between both products, I guess now we'll just wait for another move from Belgacom.


For the Dutch speaking audience, today de Standaard dedicated an article to the issue.

The Battle is really a hot topic at the moment:
Telenet dagvaardt Belgacom voor (De Tijd)reclamecampagneTelecomoorlog tussen Belgacom TV en Telenet (De Morgen)
Telenet vindt reclame Belgacom "misleidend" (VRT News)

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