The Couple


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Geert Desager an ex colleague of mine who's currently Trade Marketing Manager for MSN in Belgium is making a commercial for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions called 'The Couple'. Till here nothing special, the special thing is that he's keeping a blog about his adventures I'll surely be watching his adventures and which him good luck with this great project.
PS I'm quite sure these won't be his last days as Marketing Manager at Microsoft!
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Hi Kris, I'm glad you picked up on the project. Indeed it won't be my last days but i wanted to make a statement about the project that it can be risky. Not in the sense of loosing my job but in the sense of risky as how our customers, the advertiser, will see it. I think I should change the title of this blog, what do you think?

Well I guess something more .... how to say .... catchy, explicit, ... would be better, but again it's the content of the blog that's important not really the title and as said I'll definitely follow what you're writing.