Google & Msn co-branded campaign??


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Yesterday my attention was caught by a news alert from my messenger concerning the bike race Gent-Wevelgem. I'm not that interested in sports but anyway I wanted to see what the life coverage was. So I clicked and to my surprise I saw a co-branded campaign between Msn, Google and!!! Why co-branded cause it seemed that they were using Google maps to show the progress of the bikers. The tool was very clear and nice but still it seemed weird to see the integration of Google maps when we know that Msn has exactly the same kind of tool Msn maps. Anyway, maybe the integration with Msn maps was too difficult or simply not possible?

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Hey Kris - I checked with the Belgian MSN team and this live coverage is something which Het Nieuwsblad is providing for them (hence the co-branding) but the Google maps are relatively new... and apparently something that the local MSN team didn't know about before. They will actually change this for later races.

Thanks Kris for your comment, I'll be watching the next races closely ;-)