Bednet, a great initiative.



bednet My wife is a teacher for kids from 6 till 7 years now sadly enough one of the kids in her class has cancer which makes her stay quite a lot at home. In Flanders they created a really nice initiative called bednet which is for children that can't attend the lessons for a longer period and have to stay at home due to homepagetheir illness. Now what do they do concretely for those children; they install a dedicated line in the class room and one at the home of the child. In the classroom they install a laptop, a webcam, a scanner and a special camera to take pictures of the blackboard. At the children's home she also has a webcam and laptop so that the child can follow everything that happens in the classroom. I think it's really great that technology can server a higher purpose and give these kids a better life. This initiative is made possible all kinds of sponsors like the King Baudouin Foundation, Vlaamse Overheid, Belgacom or The Belgian Lottery. Once everything is installed I'll do some more posts to tell how everything works.

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