A great and interesting evening.


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Yesterday Geert Desager invited me to a dinner with Surya Vanka who's Microsoft's Design and Usability Training Manager. Am far of a Usability guy but still it where some really good conversations and I was very happy to meet him.

Next to Surya and Geert I met a whole lot of other people going from bloggers to creative directors to Microsoft evangelists. It was a great evening as the people around the table really had a totally different approach and view about every possible topic roaming the virtual world.

It's also nice to talk with competitors like Petra, Brice or Mark (which I was happy too meet again since we where colleagues some time ago) and to exchange idea's and thoughts. I only regret one thing, that the evening was far too short to talk to everybody at the table.

So Microsoft and especially Geert thanks again.

I took the liberty of using one of the pictures that Pietel took I hope he won't be too mad, he really took some nice pictures.

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Glad you liked it ;-) and hope to meet each other in the near future.