Canon, EOS Discovery Tour.



As I'm a big fan of the EOS series (I started with a 300 a non digital SLR and now I got the 400D, you can see some examples here of my little family), I went last Friday to the EOS discovery tour a seminar organized by Canon (of course) to do some product promotion on their EOS Series (where the 40D is one of their latest products). Till here nothing special cause normally you would expect this to be a night full of product presentations but not at all! I was really surprised by the quality of the seminar, the product placement was really well done and everything was explained trough some clear examples. The Discovery photographer who presented all this was Andy Earl a man who has shot pictures of very known stars like Madona, Any Lenox, Prince, ... and has also some great stories about those pictures. Also the whole event was very interactive as all the pictures appeared immediately on some big screens with the help of the wireless file transmitter on the device. I also really liked that they commented some pictures that where send by the audience. To resume a night very well spend with lots of interesting information and a great presentation.

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