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Last week I got a friendly mail from Elizabeth from Edelman on Behalf of Brita water filters and I thought than well this mail is so nice that I will make it my post on Blog action Day. Brita is doing an action at the moment called Filter For Good.


This action is all about preserving the nature trough using filtered water instead of using bottles. You can take a pledge on their site, the pledge of not using bottled water for a certain amount of time but filtered water.
I know it all has an economical connotation but still I very much like the idea and will myself do the step of stop using bottles but use filters for my water.

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I work for Cox Enterprises and saw that you participated in Blog Action Day. I thought you might be interested in visiting The site details Cox’s commitment to the environment and offers tips on how anyone can become eco-friendly.

I'm not used to drinking bottled water anymore. Been using a water filter for such a long time already. This way, I am assured that the water we are using/drinking at home is clean and safe. But I'm planning to switch to a different brand. A friend of mine wants me to try Has anyone tried it?