Customer first and the Mixx awards!



Yesterday was the first day of Customer First and I must say I was a little disappointed. Before noon I could not attend all the sessions so I just went to 2 session which where nice but not smashing and at that time the room was far from filled. Than I really wanted to attend the Blognation seminar like I told yesterday but there wasn't anybody nor speaker nor explanation why the seminar didn't go trough so this was really a bummer. By the way they still didn't solve the noise problem.

Anyway after Customer first I went to the Mixx awards where we found 2 big winners Mortierbrigade they won gold in the categories "Product Launch" and "Direct Response" and These Days cause they won in the category "Best use of Interactive Media" and they won the "Interactive agency of the Year 2007". Most importantly Geert Desager and Openhere won in the category "Brand Awareness" with their viral Bring the love back. you can read the full review on the digimedia site. Anyway I had a great time with the people around my table and has some really interesting discussions that will hopefully end in some great projects but this only time will tell.

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