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Yesterday IAB organized their yearly Creative Case Stories, it was a nice Netcafé with some interesting presentations. the best presentation for me was the one from Gert Pauwels from Proximity/BBDO as all the cases he showed where mostly new to me and there was some great stuff in there. One of them was from Mortierbrigade called "jaar van de kleuter", it's really nice how they did this, but difficult to explain you just got to have a look.


After the different creative cases, we saw some Second be-placesLife  implementations for SN Brussels Airlines (who combined a classical site "www.b-places.com/" with some places/voting in Second Life) and for Keytrade Bank.

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Comments (3)

Glad you enjoyed it, I almost fell asleep :)

You are really hard (I try not to be), I must admit that the last presentations were not so interesting but still like I said in the post I mostly enjoyed the first one.

Just to make sure: I was talking about the evening in general, and it's not the presenters' fault that I know most of the campaigns well enough already.