Deezer, the first free and legal music on demand site.


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A colleague of mine pointed me out to Deezer today, apparently it seems to be the first legal music on demand site. Apparently they have a deal with SACEM who is the Society for the Collective Management of Copyright Royalties or that's what their press release says. It says and I quote "Thanks to the agreement with SACEM, has become the only site to offer Internet users a
non-paying solution whilst still remunerating those involved in the creation of the music (artists, record
companies etc.) through the advertising revenues generated. Trough allowing to offer this kind of distribution, SACEM and SESAM have shown that they
are aware of the need to adapt to an ever-changing world." It's almost to good to be true but it seems to work and you really find a lot of music on their site. I also like the possibility to make a playlist and be able to share it on your blog. Below you'll find some songs of one of my favorite Belgian groups, Hooverphonic.

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